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How Can Plain Water Give Relief to the Gout Pain in Your Ankle?

If you are suffering from gout then you are likely to feel different symptoms of gout near your ankle, toe or any other joints. Gout when attacks your ankle can be very painful and as it is your ankle that takes most of your weight, with gout symptoms showing up it can get extremely difficult to walk around. Some of the common symptoms that you can experience are redness, inflammation, intense pain, stiffness and swelling.

Causes behind the Symptoms

So, what is it that causes these symptoms in the first place? The causes behind them are needle like crystals that settle in your joints and other nearby areas. It is due to high level of uric acid in the blood, these microscopic crystals are formed. This condition arises mainly when your kidney becomes insufficient in excreting excess of uric acid from your body. Due to normal metabolic process uric acid is produced in our bodies. Usually, it is our kidneys that flush out all the excess uric acid from our bodies through urine. But if the metabolic activity is too high and amount of uric acid is too much for your kidney to be produced, or the efficiency of your kidney to excrete uric acid decreases then your blood is left with excess amount of uric acid in it. This condition is medically called as hyperuricemia.

Side Effects of Strong Medicines

Usually, doctors prescribe different drugs to take care of pain and inflammation caused due to gout symptoms. When the symptoms are very severe in regions like ankle then you are likely to get these medicines directly in your ankle through injections. Though these medicines help many patients to some extent, they often come with various side effects like diarrhea, bleeding, nausea and stomach ulcers. The good news for the gout patients is that there are many natural remedies that can help reduce both pain and inflammation, that too without any side effects.

Suppressing Gout Symptoms

One of the ways to suppress gout symptoms in ankle is apply different hot and cold compresses. This helps in dissolving the crystals of uric acid in the ankle. For close to 3 minutes you can apply a hot compress near your ankle. Right after that apply cold compress over the same region for around 30 seconds. Repeat this for around 20 minutes but not more and always end these sessions with a cold compress. Between two sessions always give a gap of one hour. This helps the effects to come up and aids the healing process.

Prevention is Always Better Than Cure!

Though this process is very effective for suppressing the symptoms of gout, they are good only during gout attacks. But, the best thing to do is prevent these attacks from occurring in the first place. This is because if you experience gout attacks repeatedly for a year or so, it could potentially leave you temporary or permanent joint damages and the possibility of kidney related issues is also high.Lower intake of water could be a big blunder; you need to drink a lot of water and help medicines and natural remedies in the healing process.

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