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Makeup Advice for a First Date

When preparing for a first date, there are a lot of decisions to make. Women usually spend hours just thinking about what they are going to wear, down to details like shoes and jewelry. Just as important to pulling together the final first date look, though, is, of course, makeup. It might sound silly to think that your date will be focused on your face throughout your time together, but it is true! Take the opportunity to play up your best features and bring together your final look.

On a first date, focus on accentuating your best features, but pick and choose which ones. Your makeup on the first date, sends a message, so think about what you want that to be. Chances are, you do not want the first thing your date to notice is how much makeup you are wearing, especially if it is a someone you came across on dating websites and have not yet met in person. Makeup should just complement your natural beauty! The best bet is to take your daytime look and glam it up a little bit. For example, choose to use more eyeliner, or apply some eye shadow you usually do not incorporate into your daytime look. If you choose to play up your eyes, however, go for a muted lip color. You do not want to walk looking like you are headed to a club for your date, so have the glam be subtle.

On that note, a punchy lip color can really elevate your look for a first date. Consider how most of what you will be doing throughout your first date is talking. Why not focus on your mouth with makeup, too, then? Make sure your lip color is not too close to any colors in your outfit, although compatibility is important, and opt for a lipstick or stain that will last. Keep in mind you will be most likely eating or drinking, so you do not want to leave lipstick marks all over your napkins and glasses, or have it fade quickly.

In the end, what should have the greatest influence on how you choose your makeup look for the date is what type of date it is. The time of day and venue should be kept in mind when planning your makeup, same as how you choose what type of shoes are best to wear. Have some fun with it, too, but make sure you still feel like you.

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