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Teenage Pimples and How Parents can help

Your teenager, if like most active teenagers, facial skin care is not the most important thing in their life. That is until they wake up one morning, look in the mirror, find zits and blackheads on their face. Suddenly the skin care of their face becomes number 1 on their list of priorities. And you need to be ready to help your child.
One of the biggest problems with a pimple breakout and other skin problems, such as excessive oily skin and blotches, is the emotional impact on your teenager. Frankly they are having a hard enough time dealing with all the other things which come along with puberty. When you take the bull by the horns and help them deal with their skin problems, you will make it much easier for them to handle all the other changes in their life.
It’s important for you to discuss the proper personal hygiene care of their bodies with your teenager. Not only should you stress what is the right method and proper materials for cleaning their bodies, but you should stress that it is important for them to do so on a daily basis.
Dermatologist and other doctors recommend a gentle washing of your teenagers oily complexion twice a day. You should take note of the “gentle washing”. No matter how bad the oily skin or pimple breakout is; harsh scrubbing can be extremely harmful to your child’s face. Not only can it harm the pores on the face it can aggravate the pimple breakout and cause the breakout to become more server than it was.
One way you and your teenager can fight these awful breakouts is to visit your local pharmacy. Take the time to speak with the pharmacist and ask them which of the many over the counter; facial skin care products will help to repair your child’s face. There is a good chance they will mention benzoil peroxide or Salicylic acid or similar products. Each of these products has the capability to combat the pimple causing bacteria, which are embedded in the pores of your teens face.
A word of caution is needed about these products. The manufacture of each product uses a different formula for mixing their medication. Therefore it is important to check the percentages of ingredients used and select the one with the least amount of ingredients which will work. Again your pharmacists can advise you on the best selection.
A teenager’s life is extremely stressful with all the new things going on. Stress has been found to be a major culprit in contributing to sever breakouts of a oily and pimple loaded face. Most teens cause this condition of their skin to worsen because it stresses them out even more. However, there is a solution you, the parent, can help with.You can help to reduce the stress level by reassuring them that with the right personal hygiene, using the right medication and patience their breakouts will get better. Let them know you will help them and support the in their efforts to heal their skin.
As you can tell proper facial skin care is not the simplest process in the world. But with the proper advice from your doctor and other professional help, plus the right personal cleaning habits and medications, you can make life much easier for your beautiful child.

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