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There are lots of people who have a hard time falling asleep every night, and if you have had such problems yourself, you know they can ruin the next day. And even though there are plenty of sleep aids that can help you sleep, lots of people find that these aids make them drowsy the next day. If you have tried everything from sleeping pills to valerian root to melatonin and you have still had problems sleeping – or have felt drowsy the next day – you need to pay attention!The most biggest thing that will help you fall asleep if you have been experiencing problems sleeping is relaxation in your body and mind. Conversely, one of the biggest things that can keep you from sleeping well is stress or tension in your body and mind. This means that finding the best way for you to relax your mind and body is also the best way for you to ease into sleep if you have been experiencing problems.

Heat can be a huge benefit when you are trying to relax your body, and one way to get heat on your body is to take a shower. If you usually take a shower in the morning, consider taking one at night instead, as this will relax your body.

Tea is another way to relax your body using heat – but make sure you drink tea that is caffeine free, lest you worsen the problem.

Many people also find that stretching before bed tends to help their body unwind and enables them to fall asleep. This stretching can take the form of the regular sorts of stretches you typically do before a workout, or it can take the form of yoga – which helps a lot of people relax.
You can also regulate your breathing and calm your body by meditation, which is an approach akin to yoga. And if you decide that meditation is not for you, try to find some breathing exercises that will enable you to breathe regularly and deeply, as these will help your body unravel just a bit.

When you are unable to sleep, it can certainly be frustrating; but you will be able to find a way to fall asleep more easily, without taking anything at all, if you explore these options.

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