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Why International brands are baiting a generous eye towards South Korea?

If you’re living under the rock, you would still have heard of the 2012 super hit South Korean pop song, “Gangnam Style”. Or if you’re a person, interested in some foreign music trends. It’s not possible that the name of KPOP is something you’ve never heard of. Asunder to their music and catchy beats, there is one more thing you would get inspired by while watching a KPOP music video. And that is their appealing, desirable dope fashion style.
As we all know that, “with great power comes great responsibility”. And so the growing entertainment media popularity with BTS (a kpop boy band, which does not stand for “behind the scene”) winning 2017’s BBMAS for Top Social Artist Award and many other South Korean bands, making waves in the international entertainment market. An attribution with which the eventual responsibility of being the global Asian host for top brands falls on the shoulders of South Korea. Provoking the global fashion branding authorities, eyeing and marking South Korea safe to be their international Asian front. Even Online shopping in pakistan, India and other asian countries are strong enough to be called a clan but South Korea is somehow beating each of them to become the biggest known name of international fashion industry among brands.

Well-known top global brands including Emporio Armani, Gucci, Michael Kors, Chanel and even some Austrian brands like Swarovski have already set up their foot in, by collaborating with South Korean models and celebrity influencers for the outlet launches and new collection debut photo shoot. With the purpose of introducing brands in the South Korean fashion scene.

Kwon Sang Woo (celebrity actor) endorses Emporio Armani

Ha ji won’s(celebrity actor) HIGH CUT photo shoot for Giorgio Armani makeup range

Jun Ji Hyun, (celebrity movie star) posing for GUCCI timepieces

Sulli (former girl group member and actor), striking a pose for Austrian brand Swarovski

Eugene (S.E.S member and celebrity actor), poses for international perfume and cosmetic brand LANCOME
The statement that only international markets are eyeing over South Korea for Asian expenditure, Would be a completely false. Because like every action’s reaction, South Korea too, is looking right back at them. With top reputed celebrities like CL and GDragon, having their own unique fashion style and with a stardom of introducing many new trends in the nation. Also, have a standard to attend and be a part of well-known peak brand’s campaigns and in-house launches.

CL’s (singer) photo shoot for MAYBELLINE NEW YORK

Taeyang and other celebs (CL and actresses Han Ye-Seul and Jung Ryeo-won as seen in the photos) attend Chanel’s Cruise collection show at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul on May 4

Designer Michael Kors model Soo Joo and Irene attend the Michael Kors Young Korea Party

G-Dragon joins international superstars for the global campaign “Kiss My Airs” in celebration of 2017 World Air Max Day.
With all this campaign and business involvement, one can easily conclude that alongside Bollywood in Asia, South Korea is the new target for brand endorsers. Making it safe to say that soon it will be a new home for fashion labels but this time distinctively in East Asia.

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