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Will hair transplant surgery permanently restore your hair

A hair transplant is an effective, permanent means of restoring hair loss. Our culture places a great emphasis on hair and its appearance. Hair loss can have a severe psychological impact on how you feel about yourself. Hair loss can cause a loss of self esteem and anxiety for both men and women. Many Americans turn to hair transplant surgery to boost their morale and to improve their appearance.

Some thinning of the hair occurs in both men and women as they age. However, the amount of thinning varies from individual to individual. Age, changing hormones and heredity cause people to lose more hair than others.

About 60% of men experience hair loss or thinning by age 50. For men, the most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness, in which hair sheds from the top of the scalp and from the hair line at the same time. The hair loss can be restored via a transplant.Some women experience female pattern baldness as they age. Instead of developing bald patches, women are more likely to notice hair that looks and feels thinner. Women usually do not undergo hair transplant surgery because they have an overall thinning of the hair. However, the procedure can be carried out on men and women.

Hair transplant surgery is usually performed in physician’s office or an outpatient surgery center. It rarely requires a hospital stay. Hair transplant surgery is usually performed using local anesthesia along with sedation to relax you. There are several techniques for transplanting hair: grafting, tissue expansion, and flap surgery.

The technique of grafting involves transplanting a patch of scalp hair from the sides and back of a person’s scalp (called donor sites) to the bald areas. The grafts are usually placed 1/8 inch a part. The spaces between the first grafts are usually filled in during later sessions. Graft surgery usually takes several sessions over several months to allow the sites of previous surgery to heal.

Sometimes, the grafting technique is combined with another procedure called tissue expansion. A balloon like device is placed beneath the scalp at the border between a hairy and a bald area. Over several weeks, the balloon is gradually inflated with salt water, causing the scalp to bulge upward.This results in new, hair-bearing skin to grow over the bulging area. After several months, the new, hairy scalp skin is pulled over to replace the bald scalp skin next to it. This form of hair transplant surgery has been used for many years to cause hair to grow into areas that have been severely burned or injured.

Another transplant procedure is called the flap technique. Hair is removed from the side and the back of the head to the top of the head. The flap covers more area than the usual graft. Part of the flap remains attached to the original blood supply.

The hair transplant surgical procedure takes several months to complete. It also takes several months before the grafts take hold and begin to grow hair. The hair grows in healthy and strong and is no different from the hair at the donor sites.If you are considering hair transplant surgery, you should discuss your options with a plastic surgeon to determine the best choice to meet your needs. The surgery can cost between 3 to 6 thousand dollars, and sometimes more.

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